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Penguin Fortress - Learn Cyber Security and IT Security

Learn about cyber security and IT security. This is for anyone looking to secure your server, develop professional skills or research into the latest cyber security threats.

Moral and Ethical Aspects of Cyber Security, Hacking and Cracking

This website aims to inform computer system adminstrators and those wishing to become security professionals about how to protect a computer system.

The guides and tutorials on this website are not intended for teaching hacking techniques. However to understand how to implement security on a computer system you first need to understand the threats to that system. Ultimately this means that you first need to understand how hackers and crackers attack computer systems and then to apply that knowledge to configure a system securely. These guides will show some of the techniques that hackers use and may give an example of how you can use these against your own systems to test your own security. These should only be used against systems that you own or are authorised to perform this testing on and should be done in accordance with all applicable laws. I do not condone any activities where an attempt is made to perform any kind of malicious attack against any other system.

This site is not comprehensive. This is only a small part of keeping computer systems safe and it is down to the viewer to understand further implications regarding system security. For more details see the site information and disclaimer.

About the Site

This site has been developed to compliment my existing website Penguin Tutor - Maker, Linux and Programmming but to focus on Cyber Security, IT Security and System Administration.

The Certification Practice Exams

For anyone looking at certification there are a range of Security tutorials to help you with your studies.

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