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Lock computer when leaving it unattended

Control-Alt-L Keyboard Shortcut - Linux lock workstation
An essential part of computer security is to always lock your computer whenever you leave it. It only takes a couple of minutes with your back turned for someone to access your personal information or change your Facebook status (frape).

Logging out can be a bit of a pain, so luckily there is a quick keyboard shortcut that allows you to lock your computer without logging out. Use the following key combinations to quickly lock you screen.

On Linux


On Windows:


The Meta Key is sometimes called the Windows key. It is a key which often has the Windows logo on and is normally between the Ctrl and Alt keys at the left hand side of the keyboard.

Meta / Windows key on a HP laptop

Some keyboards may use different symbols, particularly if they are available with other operating systems. On my EeePC the meta key has a picture of a house on it rather than the Windows logo (home key).