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Pixel Server - updated for new Raspberry Pi OS default username removal

As the Raspberry Pi OS no longer uses the default pi username I've had to make some changes to some of my software so that it still works correctly. This video goes through the changes I have made to my Raspberry Pi Pixel Server software so that it works without the default username of pi.

In this case I've changed some code and the installation instructions to use the /opt directory instead of using /home/pi. This shouldn't break any existing installs as it's only the systemd configuration files that have changed, but means that new installs will not have to make any specific changes to reflect their username.

For more details about the project see Raspberry Pi Pixel Server project page.

More about username security

Also see the video below, which is on my new Penguin Fortress YouTube channel. This goes into more details about how effective (or not) it is to change the default username.

Please take a look at my new Penguin Fortress YouTube channel.