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Penguin Fortress YouTube Channel

Penguin Fortress - guide to the Raspberry Pi OS username change

I've created a new YouTube channel called Penguin Fortress. This is created as an spin-off of my Penguin Tutor channel which will concentrate on IT security / cyber security.

The first video is on the recent Raspberry Pi OS change which means that Raspberry Pi OS no longer requires the default pi username.

The reason that I've created this on a different channel is because I'm wanting to create more of a focus on IT security and I don't want to risk turning away makers who are the prime focus of Penguin Tutor.

I hope to cover user level information, technical details for those looking to defend against hackers and crackers, and high-level strategies for those with management responsibility. I plan to leverage my past experience as an IT security professional, my university studies from my MSc in Computer Science and my current studies preparing for the CISSP certification exams.

Please take a look at my new Penguin Fortress YouTube channel.